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  1. End of the Game
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End Of The Game

You gave your all and found some gain
You knew it couldn’t be sustained
The rise and fall
Played through it all
but it was time to find the end

There was no balance in the day
So it was time to go your way
all that you gave
couldn’t be saved
it’s time to find your song again

You know time it will define you
There’s no more bricks and no more wall
So as you move along the coastline
you find it’s time to heed the call

You gave your all end of the game
So now it’s time to find what’s sane
so move in tight
and you just might
find the song along the way

You gave your all, gave it away
you’ll see what lies along the way
So heed the call
find it all
without regrets to mark my day