From the recording It's High Time

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Copyright 1987
Lead guitar - Dan Hamilton
Acoustic Rhythm guitar and vocals - Rick Lally


It Don't Work Like That - RIck Lally

I went down town bout a week ago
I was lookin' for a lady I could get to know when
all I found while hangin' around is no
no, no it don't work like that

I went up town lookin' for a job
talked to a guy who looked at me odd
He said " I got a job you can do"
I said " find someone else to see you through"
I said " no I don't work like that"
no, no, no, no, no I don't work like that

I was standing near the window of a grocery store
I saw a picture on a magazine stand by the door
the headline said "War is dead
and the price went down for a loaf of bread"
I said "no"
no, no, no, no, no I said "no"
It don't work like that

ad-lib and end