A bit more about my music & art

While I'm opening other presents, my bud Randy is holding on to my first guitar!

Here's a bit more detailed info about me, my art & music!  

At a very young age I enjoyed the music of Elvis Presley so much, that on my 10th birthday, my aunt bought me a used guitar that she found at a garage sale. She refinished it for me and taught me some songs and chords. I wrote my first song at age 13 called 'Falcon Hill'.

'Falcon Hill' is finally recorded after so many years and is on my album 'It's High Time'. Hard to believe it took so long to get a decent recording. For that reason alone I wrote a song titled 'It's High Time'. 'It's High Time' is a fairly recent song that I wrote about song writing. I wrote it to motivate myself to get the music that I haven't recorded done. 



I'm the first to admit there are some early songs that I wrote that will never and should never make it to a recording. Over the years I've improved in my song writing skills and musicianship. Thank goodness for that! That said I have a lot of work ahead of me.  

To date I have actually released five solo albums with one on the way! My first one entitled 'Home Works' I try to forget and don't usually include when I discuss my albums. Several of the songs were good but it was produced on a four track tape machine. I really had no clue how to bring a song to life via a recording. Being an indie artist often means you are also an indie producer, recording engineer, album design artist, project manager and I'm probably missing several. My skills as a producer continue to improve with each of my endeavors.  Thank goodness for that!

Acoustic Dreams


In 2009 I released 'Acoustic Dreams'. It had 8 songs and the production quality was a vast improvement over my first release. It was recorded on a Roland VS-1680. It had eight digital tracks and was a nightmare to learn. Before I finished it I had already migrated the songs into Apple Logic Studio. Much easier to manage and learn. The songs 'Go With The Flow' & 'Springtime' have been the stand out songs for that album. 

Down in Jamaica